Sheen Shield

R 330.00

No sheen, no scorch, no burn

  • Fits any size iron
  • Prevents sheening and scorch marks
  • Easy-glide technology

The Live Clever Sheen Shield protects your clothes from sheen, scorch and burning when ironing.

Clever technology

The innovative material used in the Sheen Shield ensures heat is evenly distributed, and the cleverly positioned holes in the shield allow even steam distribution.

These features prevent burning and scorching on your clothes.

This, along with the easy-glide technology will make your iron perform just like the leading, top of the range irons, at a fraction of the cost!

So easy to use

The clever design means the Sheen Shield will fit over any size of iron. It simply sits on the sole plate, and the strap is fitted around your iron, keeping it in place.

The easy-glide technology allows your iron to glide effortlessly over any material, making ironing so much easier and quicker.

Protects delicate fabrics

Some fabrics such as chiffon and silk can be very sensitive to excessive heat.

The Sheen Shield allows you to iron these delicate materials without worrying about damaging the fabric.

The clever technology ensures your clothes will be protected – no sheen, no scorch, no burn.


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