Laundry Egg Refills

R 265.00

1 year of Laundry

When you run out of pellets for your Laundry Egg, don’t throw it away – reuse and refill!

The 210 wash refill pack contains 3 bags of mineral pellets which will last the average family for approximately 1 year. This works out at just under 85 cents per wash!

Available in Fragrance Free, Fresh linen or Spring Blossom

All refills are available in Fresh linen and Spring Blossom fragrances. These are supported by Allergy UK and have been dermatologically tested to by hypoallergenic and kind to your skin.

Our Fragrance Free pellets are also endorsed by the National Eczema Society, so if you have very sensitive skin, these will be perfect!

To download the instructions for our Laundry Egg Refills, click on the link below:
Laundry Egg 210 Wash Refill Instructions

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