Concentrated Fabric Conditioner

R 295.00

Super concentrated, long lasting fragrance & softness

  • Super-concentrated: lasts for 240 uses
  • Hypoallergenic: no harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use ‘no-mess dosing cap’

Traditional fabric softener is expensive, full of chemicals and yet another thing to lug back from the supermarket.  But ours is different.  It’s a world first – super concentrated, natural fabric conditioner.

Each bottle will last for 240 uses.  That’s a whole year’s worth of fabric conditioner for the average family in each bottle!

No harsh chemicals

Our breakthrough plant extract replaces the nasty chemicals found in traditional fabric softener.

You get the same long lasting fragrance, the same long lasting softness, but without the chemicals and without the expensive price tag: it works out to be just over 4p per use.

A little goes a long way

As it is super concentrated, all it takes is one to three squirts.  You’ll need a fraction of the amount, so it’ll last so much longer.

Easy to use

We’ve designed our ‘no mess dosing cap’ to be idiot proof.

Available in Soft Cotton or Spring Blossom.

To download the instructions for our Concentrated Fabric Conditioner, click on the link below:
Concentrated Fabric Conditioner Instructions

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